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Why the Name?

I've been asked many times, "Why The Starving Stepmom?". The name came from how I was feeling. When things started to go south in my blended mom journey, I went looking for resources. Let's just say, at that time there were few to be found. Especially resources that were true to the things I was experiencing. This lack of understanding left me starving for help and hope. Most stepmom's I meet are malnourished in some way. Whether that be in the arena of hope, friends, or materials to help them in their unique situations. Please don't misunderstand the nomenclature of this ministry. I don't believe we have to stay in this state of emaciation. We serve a God that can fill us to the brim, even to overflowing! He has done that for me. I am no longer starving! He has brought me everything I was searching for in my walk and so much more than I ever imagined. But, I will never forget the state I was in when I needed help.

I just spoke at the Stepmom's Alive conference and saw, yet again, the incredible needs of each stepmom in attendance. These ladies come starving for answers, and in desperate need of being understood and loved.

I will leave the name of this ministry to collect the sweet stepmom souls that haven't had the honor of getting plugged in to the amazing stepmom community yet. I will reach out to those women that are trudging through on their own, and pull those starving souls into the incredible stepmom family every chance I get. This being done with the belief that once they enter in, they will most certainly be fed!

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