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The Messenger

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

We’re all familiar with the famous adage; “hurt people hurt people.” How many times over the course of your life have you been hurt by someone only to find out that they too, were hurting? Dozens, I’m sure of it.

Stepfamily dynamics are always influenced by brokenness. And even more so, when you are dealing with so many hurt people. Whether you’re dealing with an ex-wife, ex-spouse or even your own stepchild. It’s inevitable. We’re all going to get hurt at some point.

When the hurt is being caused by your own stepchild it hits a little closer to home. The brokenness from their own wounds becomes more apparent than ever. And no, the pain they are causing is not necessarily their fault. They are acting out of their own hurtful circumstances, and isn’t it interesting that the one’s we love the deepest oftentimes hurt us the most? Not only are you personally affected, but the unity of your marriage and family are as well. This results in the disarray of hopeless emotions.

At what point though do you submit and allow God to take over? You cannot fix the brokenness in your stepfamily, only God can. There are times when those that are hurting you the most are those that actually need the most attention, the most love and the most hope. and as a Believer, you are the one that is equipped to bring that attention and support and sometimes that can be the hardest thing to do.

Let your message, your wounds and your own brokenness be the message that helps someone else heal from their past. God did not bring you this far in your stepmom journey to ignore the fact that he’s molding you and making you into something beautiful. The one’s that hurt you don’t need to hear you preach a sermon on “how to be healed” rather than they need to SEE your words in action. God has given you all you need and has equipped you by His power to do this. Be a doer of the word and a messenger to the message and see God turn brokenness into beauty.

Written by Melanie Anthony with Stepmoms Alive

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