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Family Defined

Two boys came from me, a boy and a girl came from my husband. We now have a beautiful daughter in law as well. In a unique twist, we have ended up with several other kids in our home over the last several years. Several of them are our Air Force cadets that we sponsor. As if this weren’t enough to fill our home with love and laughter, the Lord dropped a young lady into our family a year ago, while she was looking for a place to live. It just so happened that she was meant to stay with us for longer than she originally intended.

Every child has been woven into the fabric of our family, each one shaping us in some way. When Jorge and Marcelo (our Chilean exchange cadets) walked into our home, they instantly became part of our family. We had these beautiful young men for only six months of their life, but they will forever own a place in our hearts. When it came time for them to go back to Chile, they asked if they could write a message on our chalk wall. This was what they left…

“The family is not only who we are born with,

it is one built through our lives.

Love you! Chilean guys”

I was so completely shocked and touched at how appropriately it described not only our situation with all of our “adopted kids” but how it describes every step family. Each blended family is so unique in their design. When people look at our family pictures, they tend to get a bit confused. Each picture has lots of kids, but only some of them are biologically ours. We know though that the Lord has hand picked each one, placing them in our lives for a reason. Please remember, when you are struggling with your step kids because they aren’t biologically yours, it’s all a matter of perspective. God has a very specific purpose for the kids he has placed in your life.

Written by LauraBeth Hoisington with The Starving Stepmom

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