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I know many stepmoms are crying out for God to do a miracle in their stepfamily. There was a time when I was doing exactly the same.

It was late March, one of our sons was home visiting for spring break. It was just three months until my husband would deploy to South Korea for a year. He asked my son to help him surprise me with a remodel of my closet. I had always dreamed of having an over the top closet, complete with a chandelier. That is exactly what I got! It was stunning with the new wood floors, extra shelves, a custom made jewelry cabinet and yes…a chandelier! It made me feel completely loved and spoiled.

Fast forward to the following March, not quite a year later. I was standing in my closet, holding a garbage bag that I was using to put my belongings into. Tears pouring down my face. I couldn’t believe that just a short time ago my husband had loved me so much, that he labored over the trivial task of making my closet so beautiful. Now, because of our stepfamily situation, our marriage had failed and I was facing a divorce. I had barely been keeping my head above water, having full custody of his kids while he was gone. My stepfamily situation was stressful beyond words, but I thought I was at least everything - my family, my marriage, my home. After a complete mental breakdown, I found myself in a mental health facility until my family could arrive to help get me ready to move. I left with only what would fit into my car, and drove states away to live in my friend’s 9x13 basement bedroom. I couldn’t comprehend how I had ended up here.

Stepfamily life. Stepfamily drama. Stepfamily devastations.

That’s what happened.

Stepfamily life is so very hard. There really aren’t adequate words to describe it sometimes.

After I left my home, I lived in a state of numbness. I couldn’t even think straight. After weeks of panic, fear and utter sorrow, I turned to the Lord. In the beginning, all I could say was His name. “Jesus”

He answered me very simply, “Be Still”.

I listened. I started reading His word again. I started praying. I started fasting for my marriage, even though my husband was refusing to talk to me. He kept saying there was no hope. BUT GOD was showing me something different. And when my heavenly Father told me, “It’s time, go fight for your marriage.”, that’s exactly what I did! Hours later, I drove back across the states that separated me from my family, and started one of the greatest fights I’ve ever been through.

It took months of trusting God and being obedient. I had to fight through the fear, and believe for Him to do a miracle. I followed my husband as the military moved him back to the state we had lived in before. He was still telling me he wasn’t sure we would ever get back together. BUT GOD kept giving me rays of hope. A miracle here, and a miracle there. One of those miracles, came when my husband asked me to go look at a house he was thinking of renting for him and his kids. I was confused about why he would invite me when he didn’t think God would restore our marriage. But, I went with high hopes that this would be the day. The day he would ask for us to be a family again. I wasn’t totally impressed with with the house. It didn’t seem like anything special, until we walked into the master bedroom. When I rounded the corner to view the walk in closet, I had to choke back the sobs that threatened to escape my throat. Hanging from the ceiling was the exact same chandelier my husband had hung in my other closet. I knew, God was saying, “My beautiful daughter, keep trusting me. This is going to be your home. I’m going to give back what the enemy has stolen, and I am going to heal your marriage.”

I left that house and went back to my tiny basement bedroom. I started thanking God for the perfect sign of hope He had just given me. My husband sent me a message later that day to tell me he had rented the house. He and his kids would be moving a couple of weeks later. Knowing my family was moving into a house without me was devastating, but I kept praying for the restoration of our family. I believed God to heal my marriage.

That day did come and it was one of the most precious days of my life! Our family isn’t perfect, we still have tremendous struggles to overcome. There are victories we are praying for and great mountains we still have to climb.

BUT GOD is in charge of this family! As long as I have breath, I will tell other stepfamilies that my God is still a miracle working God.

Daniel 4:2-3

I am pleased to tell you

about the miracles and wonders

the Most High God has done for me.

How great are His miracles,

and how mighty His wonders!

His kingdom is an eternal kingdom,

and His dominion is from generation

to generation.

He did it for our family, He can do it for yours too!

Keep believing.

Keep trusting.

Keep obeying.

Never give up.

Written by LauraBeth Hoisington, from The Starving Stepmom

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