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All Night Drive

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in downtown Chicago. This in itself is not unusual, except that I live in Colorado Springs and had no intentions of traveling this week. My husband was the one who was supposed to be attending a conference here. He had been chosen as one of the most promising researchers in his field, an amazing honor. There was just one little issue, he couldn’t get on the plane. He wanted to, he just couldn’t. His fear of flying had been getting worse over the years. When he walked back through the door you could see the disappointment envelope him. He was mentally and verbally beating himself up. It was so painful to watch. I couldn’t take seeing him like that. So, I threw some clothes in a suitcase, grabbed his bag that was still packed and started the 16 hour drive to Chicago. We drove all night and arrived at 10 am the next morning, just in time for him to shower and walk across the street to join his conference.

My husband was beaming!

I on the other hand, was exhausted from the drive and had to cancel my entire week. I scrambled to reschedule all of my piano students and find someone else to teach a discipleship class for me. I was going to miss a night out with some fantastic ladies, I postponed packing for our upcoming move, and put off an article I had promised to get in. I could go on and on.

BUT NONE OF IT was more important than taking care of my husband.

What an amazing gift to see my husband’s happiness at being where he was supposed to be, where he had worked so hard to be. He kept expressing his thankfulness to me for getting him there. The admiration in his eyes when he looked at me this week – WOW. How long has it been since you’ve seen that look in your husband’s eyes?

Ladies, can I encourage you to lay yourself down, to show just how much you are in support of your husband? If your marriage is struggling, I guarantee when you start making sacrificial actions, you will see your relationship turn around quicker than you could ever imagine! You can start with small things that will make his life easier and blessed. He will stop and take notice.

Now, I know there’s this voice in our heads, the voice that starts getting sassy when we think about sacrificing for others. It screams about all of the things that person wrong. It argues like the best lawyer in the world, why our husband doesn’t deserve for us to love him, take care of him, bless him, or respect him. I have one very effective piece of advice.

Tell that voice to SHUT UP!

That voice destroys our relationships. It deters us when we attempt to be a loving wife! Going against that voice can save your marriage. It can heal hurts that have been there for years. It can make arguments insignificant and short lived. We NEED this kind of sacrificial spirit in our marriages and our blended families. You will be surprised how AMAZING it feels when your husband looks at you, knowing your love him enough to sacrifice.

Written by LauraBeth Hoisington with The Starving Stepmom

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